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206 Area Code Washington

If you ever receive a call with the 206 area code, just know that the call is from Washington in the United States of America. The 206 area code was originally one of the 86 codes created by AT&T and the Bell Systems in the year 1947. Ab intio, it served the entire state of Washington. 206 was later split in 1995 creating the need to update some of the phone numbers to the area code 360, and again in 1997 to create area code 425, and in 1997 to create area code 253.

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What You Should Know About 206 Area Code

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Facts about 206 Area Code Number

Some of these facts about 206 Washington area code may interest.

  1. The 206 region code was one of the first region codes presented during the 1940s and served the whole territory of Washington.
  2. Since introduction in the 1940s, it’s been split and overlaid. 
  3. It has reduced to serve the cities Seattle, Vashon and bainbridge Island.
  4. Getting 206 region code carries an enormous benefit to your business inside Washington and then some.

History of Area Code 206

This area code 206 was from the beginning a part of the original 86 area codes made by AT&T and the Bell System in 1947.  Before now, it served the whole of Washington but was later split in 1995 making it necessary to update some of the numbers to area code 360, and in 1997 area code 425 and so on.

Washington  city itself offers plenty of impressive architecture and stunning sights such as at the Museum of Pop Culture. But if you’re not into In any case, on the off chance that you’re not into desolate Pacific Northwest climate espresso there’s actually parts to find in the 206 region code . Noteworthy engineering and staggering sights can be found at Chihuly Garden and Glass , or quiet Discovery Park . In fact, Washington is an awesome city where more businesses see reasons to relocate to daily.  Therefore setting up a business and obtaining 206 area code within Washington will be a good move.

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206 Area Code

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